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Help Terry raise money

For participating in Pace & Pedal Perimeter Challenge

My Story…

Family Strides means that we're making exercise fit our family needs and priorities and taking it at our pace.  Sometimes that's walking grandchildren in the park or an evening workout as a couple.  Sometimes that's going solo and filling my heart with the beauty of this time of year. 

Always it means that we're moving to help Family Service move forward.  Our steps translate into rides, food and caseworker support for homebound seniors.  Our miles add up to counseling and self-help support for people coping with the emotional toll of this pandemic.  We're helping active seniors to reconnect with volunteer opportunities as they get out, socialize and make a difference locally.  It's striding into recovery and healing for us and our community. 

You can join us with your gift of support.  You'll bring health, hope and happiness to many.  

Donate to help Terry raise money for Pace & Pedal Perimeter Challenge’s fundraising campaign.